Son et Lumiere Frankfurt

A light- sound- and sight event by Hanna Schimek & Gustav Deutsch.
23.7.1993 - 24.7.1993
In the context of Nacht/Stadt/Tag, a series of events at the Stadtakademie Frankfurt.

An installation version was realized on the premises of the Deutsche Werkbund e.V. in Frankfurt from 2.12. - 18.12.1994.

The lights of the night define the borders of the city

The car as shelter in the night
The taxi driver and his nocturnal fare
The night taxi as confessional box
The radio as contact device for the night driver
The voyeuristic view from the car
The beneficiaries and victims of electricity
The animals in the city wake through the night
The conspiracy of the waking
The moment in which the sky reverts

10 locations in the city as a stage for the night
10 taxis as auditoriums
10 actors as chauffeurs

The conversations as scripts
Shortwave as background noise
The windshield as stage detail
The headlights as stage lighting
Current events as plot
The taxi tour as a stage performance

From dusk till dawn

1 Opernplatz, Hochstraße, pedestian lights
2 Parking garage Hauptwache, Kornmarkt 10, 5th  floor, spaces 537 and 539
3 Sachsenhäuserufer, below the Dreikönigskirche, boat ramp
4 Frankensteiner Platz, sidewalk on Dreieichstraße
5 Hederichstraße, Ecke Bruchstraße, tramway depot
6 Oppenheimer Landstraße, below the commuter train bridge
7 Stresemannallee, corner of Gartenstraße/traffic island
8 Parking lot main railroad station, south side, at Stuttgarter Straße
9 At main freight depot, corner of Güterstraße
10 Platz der Republik, traffic island

supported by Servicetaxi 230033 and Journal Frankfurt