Selected and arranged by Gustav Deutsch

With private Home Movie- and Home Video materials from the 20ties till today.

The people of Sandnes picture themselves, their live and their city on 8mm-, S8mm-, 16mm film, on VHS, Mini DV, Camcorder, Mobile phones…..
From the early days of cinematography to iphone movies, from home cinema to the world wide stage of Youtube.

What was, is, and will be celebrated in Sandnes?
What was and is worth to be seen and to be pictured in Sandnes?
What did and do the people of Sandnes film and keep records of?
What image will one get of Sandnes only through audio visual records of its inhabitants?

A research of private moving pictures from a place and its inhabitants, selected and put into the form of a kinematographic atlas. Christmas, birthdays, soccer, new years, holidays, car races, gymnastic, the first schooldays, marriages, dogs and cats….private histories reflecting history. Individual records of similar happenings and events, at the same or similar places of the same city, arranged associatively and – with reference to Abi Warburgs image atlas MNEMOSYNE – in search for analogies and similarities, reveal general habits, attitudes, characteristics of the people of Sandnes, mirroring live and culture in the course of time.

PRIVATE SANDNES tells a collective fictitious story, with records of private lives.

With excerpts from:
Home movies by:
Torbjørn Dahle
Øyvind Johnsen
Karleif Lende
Henrik Rege
Olav Selvikvåg
Lars Skjæveland
Kari A. Vaaland

Archive films Bibliotek Sandnes:
Sandnes 1969 - Et samfunn i vekst
Høybanen gjennom Sandnes Oktober 1952
Sandnes Sykkelklubbs Pålitelighetsløp 1954
Svømmestevne 1952
Sandnes Kommune, VHS

Youtube videos:
Caterpillar 5090 Velde Pukk Sandnes
Alf lander på Sandnes
Promo Vitenfabrikken i Sandnes
Sandnes Biltreff Del 1. + 2.
The joy of Sandnes
Seagulls 2, Sandnes, 3.6.2010
Modellhelikopter med kamera, Nov 2007 | Hakk i pannen
Sandnes حسينية
Sardar Sandnes 1
HK Sandnes
Frank Helgesen i Sandnes Kulturhus
Rainy day in Sandnes
Ruten Sandnes
Rc Drift Sandnes 11.11.07
Sanved Sandnes
Gøy med fyrverkeri i Sandnes - Aspervika 1
Brann i Bolighus Sandnes
Fire Brigade turn-out in Sandnes
Nok en spennende Dag i Sandnes
Car on fire in Norway (Sandnes)
Seagulls 1, Sandnes, 2.6.2010
Street music, Sandnes, 3.6.2010
SKC 3 Sandnes 09
Første ankomst på Sandnes Stasjon
Jærbanen - Fra Øksnevadporten til Sandnes
New Years 2009 – 2010, Sandnes

Technical assistence:
Dariusz Kowalski

Artistic supervision:
Hanna Schimek

Gianandrea Sasso, Mirco Santi, Simone Venturini, University of Udine „La Camera Ottica“ and the Home Movies Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia.

KINOKINO, Medienwerkstatt Wien, La Camera Ottica

KINOKINO, Nils-Thomas Økland, Gustav Deutsch

a contrubution to the exhibition
TIDSMASKINEN, en reise tilbake – til fremtiden
at KINOKINO, Sandnes