Jardin de Wiltz

The setting out of a public garden from an artistic as well as usability aspect.

This was a 5-year long cooperation of 6 months each by artists from Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, England and Greece with groups from the rehabilitation center in Capellen in Luxembourg and the city administration of Wiltz, Luxembourg.

Processes and events are equally regarded as art happenings. The results are part of further processes.

Plans and concepts are starting points.
The garden grows with the gradually acquired knowledge about the terrain, the climate, the flora and fauna.
The form of collaboration develops in a dialog with each other and with the cooperating groups.

The paths are signs in the landscape.
A concept for a path that allows wheelchair users to access almost every part of the garden.
Rooms, objects, tracks.
Various artistic personalities and different technical skills shape individual parts of the garden.

A spring is built in 1985 and a 600m2 biotope is brought to life.

The Blue Compressor cancels works on the garden project in 1987 due to differing opinions on future developments and due to unacceptable conditions from the financing partners side.
The project will be continued though by a part of the group under a new name and is now known as Cooperations Asbl. More information under: Jardin de Wiltz

A video film is made during the first year of the project: Wossea Mtotom, Die Wiese ist grün im Garten von Wiltz (The Grass is Green in the Garden of Wiltz), by Gustav Deutsch, Gerda Lampalzer and Manfred Neuwirth.

Rehabilitation Center Capellen and the Community Wiltz.

Concept, Organisation and Realisation
The Blue Compressor - Floating & Stomping Company